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City Clerk



      Under administrative direction of the City Manager, the City Clerk plans, coordinates, manages and oversees the activities and operations of the City Clerk’s Office including, public information, election management, and City records management; coordinates assigned activities with other City departments and outside agencies; provides administrative support to the City Council as assigned.

      Assumes management responsibility for City Clerk’s office services; recommends and administers policies and procedures; prepares and presents staff reports and other necessary correspondence; prepares and distributes City Council, Successor Agency and Public Financing Authority agendas and minutes; attends City Council, Successor Agency and Public Financing Authority meetings and records all official proceedings; plans and conducts municipal elections; serves as filing officer for the Fair Political Practices Commission; administers the City’s Conflict of Interest Code; maintains the City’s Municipal Code; maintains custody of official records and archives of the City; researches and prepares data for the City Council, staff members, other governmental agencies, citizens, and news media; and other related duties as assigned.

      This position is designated as un-represented for Labor Relations purposes and is considered exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


      General supervision is provided by the City Manager. The job incumbent provides direct supervision to subordinate level technical and clerical staff within the City Manager’s office.


      The City Clerk is responsible for the supervision of discrete sub-divisional organizational component(s) and programs/functions within a department as determined by the City Manager or City Council. Exercises policy interpretation and application for assigned program/functional area. The incumbent is expected to demonstrate technical competence while working as a team member and exercise independent judgment in a number of confidential and sensitive assignments. Duties and responsibilities are performed in accordance with municipal codes, ordinances, City policy, and related regulating entities.

      ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Duties may include, but are not limited to:

      • Plan, organize, control and direct the operations and activities of the City Clerk, and City Council offices; ensure smooth, timely and efficient office operations; relieve the City Council of administrative duties; ensure Department activities comply with established policies and regulations.
      • Facilitate the development of legislative policy by attending, recording and coordinating support for City Council meetings and other administrative proceedings. Take and transcribe official minutes at City Council and other administrative meetings.
      • Serve as the Elections Official; coordinate resources and communications with the County to ensure smooth and efficient election activities; oversee campaign disclosure and conflict of interest filings according to State law.
      • Assist in the orientation of candidates for City Council and newly elected members of the City Council.
      • Perform legally required duties regarding contracts, agreements, claims, legal notices, filings, Municipal Code publishing and lawsuits.
      • Administer oaths of office; oaths of allegiance; affirmations and acknowledgements; maintain custody of the City Seal.
      • Coordinate, oversee and participate in the preparation and maintenance of public records for the City; update official records and related documents in response to administrative resolutions concerning City policies, procedures and administrative regulations; certify official legislative documents; verify signatures and affix City seal to ordinances, resolutions, agreements, deeds, bonds and other documents as necessary; index and file City records; oversee the Records Management program.
      • Coordinate the preparation of agenda packets for administrative meetings; review agenda items for compliance with legal requirements and inclusion of necessary exhibits and backup materials; edit, rewrite, or originate agenda items; coordinate changes to the agenda; supervise the distribution of agenda material to administrators, staff and other individuals and agencies.
      • Serve as public relations representative for the City concerning administrative issues; respond to requests, complaints and questions from officials, staff and the public, representing the City by phone and written communication; serve as a liaison between City Council and the public; interpret plans, policies and regulation to officials, staff and the public.
      • Assist in the development and administration of the budget for the City Clerk and City Council; review and evaluate budgetary and financial data; monitor and control revenues and expenditures in accordance with established limitations.
      • Research and compile a variety of information for studies and reports; conduct special research projects in response to requests from the public and other City departments; prepare and deliver oral presentations to administrators, staff and the community.
      • Prepare and process legal documents and publications related to administrative actions and proceedings; oversee the codification, maintenance and distribution of the Turlock Municipal Code.
      • Prepare and maintain a variety of records and reports related to administrative meetings, elections, legal documents, City policies and procedures, financial activity and assigned duties; establish and maintain filing systems.
      • Coordinate and schedule various appointments and meetings; make travel arrangements; reserve facilities; prepare and ensure proper completion of reimbursement forms; maintain and coordinate administrative calendars.
      • Compose correspondence independently on a variety of matters; compile and type various letters, reports, statistical data, agenda, memos, bulletins, lists and other materials as directed; prepare, format, edit and proofread written materials.
      • Operate a variety of office equipment including a calculator, copier, fax machine, computer and assigned software; drive a vehicle to conduct work.
      • Plan, organize and implement long and short-term programs and activities designed to enhance assigned programs and services.
      • Performs research, compiles data, and conducts studies, as assigned.
      • Reviews and submits bi-monthly payroll variances, for department or assigned staff.
      • Provides, assists with or coordinates training to others, as needed.
      • Supervises staff including provision of timely performance evaluations; recommends and implements approved discipline; provides staff development; and maintains high standards necessary for efficient, professional operations.
      • Builds and maintains respectful, positive working relationships with staff, supervisors, outside agencies and the public using principles of good customer service; provides effective conflict resolution, as needed.
      • Models appropriate professional supervisory conduct; maintains appropriate confidentiality of sensitive information; complies with and supports City policies and procedures, labor laws, and MOU provisions.
      • Attends assigned meetings and training; interacts with outside agencies and commissions; participates in teams, or committees, as needed.
      • Ensures staff works in a safe manner; follows safety requirements; monitors and ensures compliance with regulations and other legal requirements.
      • Performs other duties, as assigned.


      Knowledge of:

      • Political Reform Act, Brown Act, Maddy Act, Public Records Act, and the California Elections Code.
      • Fair Political Practices Commission requirements for Statement of Conflicts of Interest and Campaign Disclosure documents.
      • Records-management principles and practices including legal requirements for records retention and disclosure.
      • Municipal structure and organization in a Mayor-Council/City Manager form of government.
      • Required training and certification requirements related to assigned program area.
      • Technical and operational aspects of assigned function or program area.
      • Statistical methods and principles.
      • Modern office procedures and methods including computer equipment, word processing, spread sheet, data base, graphic presentations and other needed specialized software applications, and internet and electronic communication usage and methods.
      • Principles of financial record keeping and reporting; auditing; technical report writing and grant writing.
      • Budgeting procedures and techniques.
      • Principles and practices of supervision, staff selection, training and personnel management.
      • Principles of effective record, file and archival management related to area of assignment.
      • Principles of effective time management.
      • Safe work practices and related regulations.
      • Principles of conflict resolution and excellent customer service.
      • Provisions, principles and practices of municipal structure and organization.
      • Applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and guidelines.
      • Principles and practices of modern municipal management and administration.

      Ability to:

      • Oversee contracts and legal agreements for requirements and compliance.
      • Understand and comply with complex state and federal regulations, laws, codes, policies as related to assigned program area.
      • Perform research; compile and analyze data and prepare technical reports.
      • Understand City processes and procedures and specific requirements of assigned program area.
      • Diagnose and troubleshoot complex problems and provide and coordinate appropriate solutions.
      • Work with and control sensitive and confidential information and ensure security for assigned program area.
      • Create and maintain accurate and detailed record keeping systems.
      • Facilitate and coordinate meetings or training.
      • Develop and implement policies and procedures.
      • Estimate, track and project revenues and expenditures.
      • Plan, initiate, manage and complete complex and multiple simultaneous work assignments or projects with a minimum of direction.
      • Research and write complex loan, grant and program documents and monitor processes, as assigned.
      • Work irregular hours, which may include late night meetings.
      • Lead, manage, evaluate and train personnel effectively and maintain discipline.
      • Organize, implement and supervise assigned program goals and City objectives.
      • Use computer and needed programs in a highly effective manner.
      • Organize, analyze, manage and implement a variety of programs.
      • Prepare, forecast and administer a budget.
      • Establish and maintain respectful, effective and cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
      • Communicate effectively, orally, electronically and in writing.



      Five years of increasingly responsible complex administrative and supervisory experience in a municipal City Clerk’s office. Technical, administrative or analytical experience in a public agency in related function areas or any experience that would have provided the opportunity to develop the required skills, knowledge and abilities.

      Education and Training:

      Possession of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with significant course work in the areas of Business Administration, Public Administration, or related fields.


      Possession of a valid California Driver’s License in the category necessary to perform essential duties of the position may be required at the time of appointment. Maintenance of a valid California Driver’s license and proof of automobile liability insurance is a condition of continued employment.


      Ability to obtain certification by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks as a Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) is highly desirable.


      Vision adequate to operate vehicles and office equipment, read instructions and follow directions; hearing adequate to converse on telephone and in person; body mobility adequate to drive and perform required office duties including reaching and bending for files and related office items; use of hands and fingers adequate for operating vehicles, writing, typing, computer, copier, and fax machine and related functions; ability to lift office files, binders and small office equipment, as needed.

      Reviewed and Approved:


      Personnel Officer



      Class Established June 2016

      Revised February 2018

      For questions about City employment, please contact:

      Human Resources
      156 S. Broadway, Ste. 235
      Turlock, CA 95380-5454
      (209) 668-5150
      Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

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