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Friday, August 5, 2022

Update on Homeless Population in Turlock

Similar to many cities across the United States, the City of Turlock also has a homeless population throughout the community. Homelessness is a complex social problem that impacts the quality of life for all members of society. There are many reasons and causes that contribute to homelessness. Hardships, loss of employment, loss of family, physical health, and mental health are all contributing factors towards homelessness.

Following the City Councilís approval of the report from Ad Hoc Committee on the Homeless, the City Manager and City staff have initiated partnerships and pilot programs with partners that can provide best practices in reducing homelessness within our community.
The City actively participates in the County program, C.A.R.E. Team (Community Assistance Response Engagement Team). The C.A.R.E. team is a coordinated effort between the Stanislaus County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services and the Turlock Police Department that access numerous effective partnerships with service providers throughout the Stanislaus County area. The C.A.R.E. Team meets monthly to collaboratively develop, implement, and monitor strategic interventions designed to assist homeless individuals. Many of the community members that the C.A.R.E Team assist are the homeless.
Recently, the City has also partnered with Legacy Health Endowment (LHE) to research a pilot program for mobile health services to provide aid to the homeless population. Due to a lack of available medical care and mental health providers, mobile health services are a viable solution to serve this dire population. The Request for Proposals process is currently open and accepting submissions to provide mobile health services to the homeless unsheltered population.

The City is developing objective goals to assess the effectiveness of these efforts. In addition, the City is currently further researching initiatives that can assist and transition individuals experiencing homelessness into a better quality of life. It is the goal of the City to develop workable solutions and then implement programs that can best serve our Turlock homeless population, and improve the overall vitality of the community. As part of this collaboration, City leadership and staff will meet and work with other organizations, non-profits, businesses, and business associations throughout the City in effort to discuss additional solutions.

The City of Turlock is committed to exploring solutions and strategies to apply initiatives which would help reduce the homeless population rate within our community over the course of time. The Cityís goal is to improve life here in Turlock for our citizens, visitors, businesses, downtown areas, schools, parks, as well the unsheltered. We will continue to communicate and provide further updates to the community as we move forward with this initiative.

Available resources for the homeless population within the City of Turlock:

Turlock Gospel Mission

United Samaritanís Foundation

We Care Program

Salvation Army

City of Turlock C.A.R.E. Team

Anthony Sims Economic Development Director - Communications Officer City of Turlock City Managerís Office 209.668.5540 ext. 1122 Email Ė

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